How to Wake Up a Young Project Manager?!

09 jan

Are you a young project manager? What is your level of motivation?! Would you like to know How to Wake Up a Young Project Manager?!

Two young girls from Croatia , Gordana Blažević & Martina Pavlović, both interested in project management, currently working on survey called How to Wake Up a Young Project Manager!?

This survey is intended for young project managers and assistants from 24-35 years or young people who were part of some projects and have at least a little bit of experience. The goal of this survey is to analyze what motivates the most young project managers and/or assistant. The results should be present at the 28th IPMA World Congress. This survey is anonymous and will not be used for any other purpose. Filling the survey will take only 5 minutes of your time but you will help a lot! Thank you in advance for your time and will!

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Objavljeno od strane na 9. januara 2014. in Najnovije vesti-News


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