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Dear AEGEEans,

Do you want to explore beyond the European borders and see the beauty of different civilisations?

Do you enjoy discovering new cultures and are you eager to find out more about the rest of the world?
Are you curious about Arab culture? Or have you heard stories about Arab people and want to find out the truth for yourself? Have you seen in the media about the Arab Spring and want to know what it’s all about?

Do you think that people have to be either modern or conservative and that modernity and traditions just can’t match?

Then find the answers to all these question – apply to participate in the youth exchange organised by the EuroArab Project of AEGEE and explore the country of the Jasmine Revolution: Tunisia!

This exchange will give Europeans an introduction to Arab and Muslim cultures. In addition, Tunisia has been chosen for its unique mix of modernity with religion and traditions, a very different and new way of living. The project will also take a closer look at the Tunisian revolution which sparked the Arab Spring, started the country on the road to democracy and the improvement of women’s rights.

Kotext 25 stipendija

The project will take place in the capital Tunis from 11 to 18 May.

The project programme includes:

– Activities exploring both the modern and conservative sides of Tunisia
– Meetings with Tunisian young people from different NGOs to find out more about their work (student NGOs, Women’s NGOs…)
– Discussions about the Tunisian revolution and the Arab Spring (the challenges, the advantages and the obstacles)
– Visits to religious and historic sites (mosques, cathedrals, museums…)
– Cultural activities to discover Tunisian flavours, costumes, music and traditions

And many more surprises!

A participation fee of 140 euros includes:
– Accommodation in a hostel
– 3 meals per day
– Transportation while in Tunisia
– Entrance costs to all the places you visit

If you are interested in this project, send your application to us at by 5th February. Successful participants will be notified on the 10th February.

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In your application include:
– Name
– Antenna
– Country
– Date of birth
– Email

and please answer the following questions:
1) What first comes to your mind when you think about Tunisia? (either positive or negative) Have you ever been to an Arab country? What was your experience?
2) What do you hope to achieve by coming to this event?
3) Why should the organisers choose you in particular?

In the subject field of the email please include the followings:
Example: Thomas Peterson_Durham_England_TUNISIA_APPLICATION

We are waiting to hear from you!!!

The EuroArab team

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