Summer Programme on International Affairs and Multilateral Governance

12 mar

Next dates: 23 June-11 July 2014
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The Programme on International Affairs and Multilateral Governancetakes you to the heart of international policy-making: it provides participants with a unique combination of academic expertise and practical experience on issues of human rights and humanitarian action, health and environment and global migration. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in an intensive and exciting summer programme!


One- to three-week intensive programme

To improve and update your knowledge, the programme will focus on fast-changing and complex transnational issues such as:

Exchange ideas with peers from a cosmopolitan student body

The programme is open to senior undergraduates and students at MA level. A unique opportunity to network and create sustainable bonds!

Kontext 2014-Saša


Geneva, a perfect place to meet experts and visit international organisations

The Graduate Institute is located at the heart of International Geneva, Switzerland. Participants have unique access to international negotiations, UN conferences and expert trainers.


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