Sustainability In Focus : Conference and Capacity Building Workshops

14 mar
Dear colleagues,
Subject: Conference and Capacity Building Seminar
Theme: Sustainability In Focus
On behalf of the Global Reach, an Institute for Sustainable Development, we are delighted to invite you to the 2014 Conference and Capacity Building Training Workshops in Sustainable Development that will be held in:
Conferences dates and Locations:
• 14th – 18th April, 2014 in New York City, USA 
• 21st – 25th April, 2014 in Accra-Ghana
A range of challenges from volatile oil and food prices, financial, economic and debt crises to climate change are threatening global efforts to achieve development that is sustainable, or that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. These multi-dimensional challenges do not have purely economic solutions, nor purely social or environmental ones. They require integrated solutions that combine economic, social and environmental elements.
The conference offer by far the best analysis of how the economic and debt crises will affect humanitarian and development funding and how to develop a counter-cyclical strategy building. The conference programme is dedicated to the current situation and offers an open international forum for the discussion of this topic. The aim is to establish new design perspectives and actions through dialogue with representatives from civil society, politics, economics, science, individuals amongst others.
The Conference will also engage participants in sharing experiences and articulating perspectives on how to enhance their activities in the financing of their various projects, especially the NGOs/CBOs including round table panel discussions and break-out sessions, interactive dialogue, workshops, caucuses and other activities.
Conferences dates and Locations:
• 14th – 18th April, 2014 in New York City, USA 
• 21st – 25th April, 2014 in Accra-Ghana
Participants and target groups: Governments and international organizations, civil society, NGO/CBO, the business and public sectors, academics institutions and leaders and Individuals amongst others.
Registration: Please email us at: and request for the registration form and the registration modalities. Further information including a detailed timetable with task distribution and materials for discussion will be communicated to you.
Financial Support Acknowledgement and Sponsorship: It is gratefully acknowledged that the Event’s Organizers receives financial support from philanthropists, foundations, banks, and international non-governmental organizations for the participation of delegates from middle and low income countries (World Bank classification). In consequence, they will provide sponsorship for up to three (03) International delegates from selected organizations and individuals in low and middle income countries. However every and each registrant is required to pay a registration of Three Hundreds and Ninety Nine US dollars Only.
The sponsorship package covers accommodation, voyage, per diem, meals and refreshment during the conference and a delegate bag with conference documentation. The sponsorship package excludes all other personal demands including medical expenses amongst other after the conference sessions. The conference committee will assist delegates to acquire Visas and/or any other travelling documents where applicable.
The extended deadline for late registration is MONDAY, 31 MARCH 2014, to ensure timely receipt of registration forms, processing and allotting of sponsorship packages to eligible delegates.
Capacity building training workshops:
Furthermore in order to strengthen nonprofits capacity building and to enhance sustainability and maximize impact, we will offer accessible, cost-effective training and education for nonprofit executives, staff, and board members to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in nonprofit management. The following topics will cover during the workshops:
I-Financial Management: Building Stronger Nonprofits Through Better Financial Management (from Planning, Monitoring, Operations to Governance)
II- Certificate in Outcomes-Based Program Evaluation
Built on methods from the nonprofit sector along with corporate and academic evaluation techniques, the certificate program including Nonprofit Leadership Certificate, Nonprofit Management Certificate and Nonprofit Marketing Certificate, the program provides valuable tools to develop program logic models and process maps; develop indicators and metrics to measure success; collect and analyze data; communicate outcomes; and utilize results for program improvement, innovation and growth.
III- Social Enterprise for Nonprofits Training:
If you are like most nonprofit leaders today, you are actively looking for ways to diversify and stabilize your revenue sources. You are probably aware of some of the benefits of social enterprise as a vehicle to create your own steady streams of unrestricted funding. At the same time, you may be concerned about the challenges of successfully launching a social enterprise.
Whether your organization already earns some income and wants to earn more, or you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, this in-depth workshop will show you how to plan, develop, finance and grow an effective social enterprise program. The training gives you proven strategies for maximizing the benefits of social enterprise in a manner that will actually strengthen your organization’s mission by building on its current activities, existing capabilities, and established stakeholder relationships.
IV- Fundraising Techniques Training:
This training span a comprehensive range of fundraising topics geared towards different levels of fundraising experience and training needs.
Whether you are new to (or looking to get into) fundraising and would like to find out more about the key skills that will help you progress with your career development, or a practicing fundraiser keen to hone and develop your existing skills or branch out in to a new area, or a senior fundraiser looking to strengthen and build on your managerial and strategic approach to fundraising, we have a fundraising training course that will fit your needs.
More than 20 courses will be offered during the training workshops event including:
1. Community-based food systems
2. Microfinance and the role of women
3. Gender equity in development
4. community-based mapping
5. Approaches to community development
6. Development and the politics of empowerment
7. Local communities and climate change mitigation strategies
8. community-driven dispute resolution
9. Participatory water resource management
10. Participatory monitoring and evaluation
11. Technology and community-based development
12. Community mobilization
13. Community-based health
14. Social media for social change
15. Social entrepreneurship and enterprise development
16. Tourism and development
17. Financial management
18. Certificate in outcomes-based program evaluation
19. Fundraising techniques
20. Participatory research and development
21. Online certificate program
Due to time constraints, interested participants are urged to confirm attendance beforehand. While we anticipate your response at your earliest convenience, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming events.
Karen Groman
Director Events Management
24 Alabama Ave
Island Park, NY 11589
United States

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