Welcome to Rebec 2014 – New Perspectives for the future

14 maj

 REBEC, Real Estate Belgrade Exhibitions and Conference is a professional platform that is originally engaged in promoting topics related to the development of investments in the real estate sector. There are sixteen profiles – specializations of experts participating in the overall real estate development, and they represent the thematic basis of the modeling of REBEC program. The topics that are the subject of discussions follow the process of real estate development, starting from the initial thinking on the development of real estate, to the final sale or lease, i.e. operation and maintenance of the asset.

The concept of the REBEC event is based on the conference and exhibition. The REBEC premiere was held on 23rd June, 2008. Since then, each year, the number of panels is being increased, with the improving quality of discussions and speakers. The exhibition part develops together with the development of the market, and further contributes to the overall development of the REBEC event as a whole.


The most important support to the development of REBEC, from its very beginning, stems from the development of the specialized magazine AG Real Estate, founded in 2006. It is a local – Serbian magazine, trilingual (in Serbian, English and German) which follows the current topics in the domain of real estate development. Since 2008, it has also been publishing regional issues from the markets that coincide with the geographic territory of the former Yugoslavia.

AG Real Estate have, since 2008, gained the status of invited and present specialized print media – magazine, in all European trade fairs and conferences. Especially at MIPIM –“Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier” and MAPIC –“Le marché international professionnel de l’implantation commerciale et de la distribution”; at EXPO REAL in Munchen and then REAL VIENNA in Vienna, as well as EIRE- Expo Italia Real Estate in Milan. Additionally, AG Real Estate were exhibited at ICSC events, as well as on a great number of local conferences and trade fairs in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

At each of such events, next to AG Real Estate, REBEC always had its place. To this very day, mutual thematic and organizational connections complement each other, nurturing in parallel the growing foundations that can contribute to even stronger common development.

Of course, behind all this is the founder of specialized newspapers and a specialized event. FESTLENT ltd, a private company that launched both of these projects, as well as REMIX production. In its basis, it is a consulting company providing guidance and advising to its clients in the field of real estate development, design and management of performing all types of works on facilities that are subject to funding of potential investors.


The announcement of the two-day RE Conference program :• Serbia is in the EU accession process and institutional frameworks are becoming better • Similarities and differences between the legal framework in Serbia in relation to Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina • Similarities and differences of the regional real estate markets in Slovenia, Croatia , Bosnia and Serbia • The development of modern office space in Serbia • The current development of modern shopping centers in Serbia • Modern retail parks in Serbia • The development of Logistics and industry in Serbia and the region • The status of hotel industry development in Serbia and the region • Serbia as the most attractive investment markets in the region • The status of bad placements and uncollectible claims • The new Law on Planning and Construction • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program of the event. • The detailed REBEC 2014 program will soon be published on this page.

The announcement of the one-day PPP Conference program• The necessary institutional frameworks that accelerate the development of PPP in Serbia and the region • The development of PPP financing model in Serbia and the region • How to achieve the faster development of infrastructure by means of PPP • The Development of energy sector by means of PPP model in Serbia • Selected examples from practice • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program of the event. • The detailed REBEC 2014 program will soon be published on this page.


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