Become EU project leader, manager or a partner in the EU funded project – and use EU grants for development

27 jul


Would you like to become EU project leader, manager or a partner in EU funded project? Is your organisation using all available EU grants for development? The European Commission published a great number of new calls for all sectors. Some of them may be highly interesting for you, in example: Operating grants to CSO associations; Support to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, Improvement of hazardous waste management, The European Union and integration challenges in the Balkans, over 20 open calls for proposals focused on ICT sector and more than 100 calls for all sectors under Horizon 2020 focused on reserchers or SMEs.

BSN practitioners can transform your capabilities to tackle new opportunities in a series of extraordinary trainings. We inform, educate, train and help potential applicants and EU project leaders to make substantial improvements in performance and constantly build a great network that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. You may download new brochures below.

EU Project Leadership and Management Programme  (EFA) 2014 – 2020 – Every month, Belgrade

Would you like to become EU project leader? Would you like to obtain BSN certificate for EU project leadership and management? The mission of the EFA is to prepare project leaders and managers for EU funding programmes 2014 – 2020 so they can make the most effective use of EU funding opportunities. Besides immediate and effective support to organizations and project leaders currently preparing proposals, consortiums or managing EU funded projects this intensive 1-month program is designed for professionals seekingexcellence in the EU project development, management, fundraising, lobbying and leadership. Program is fully customised for the participants needs and provides well respected BSN certificate.

Tuition fee is €200, All programs listed below are included plus additional courses. You may download brochure at the link above.

Advanced course ‘EU Programs and Funds 2014 – 2020’ – 12. August, Belgrade; OPEN

EU regularly publishes a large number of calls for proposals for all sectors. If you areinterested to discover how EU funding programmes work and what are the funding opportunities for your project initiatives, this session is designed to help you gain orientation in the EU funding arena with focus on the upcoming and open calls for proposals. Tuition fee is €20

European project proposal development training 2014 – 2020 – 20. August, Belgrade, OPEN

How to apply to European Funds ?  You want to build European wide projects in areas such as innovation in  SME, research, entrepreneurship, environment, culture, media, health, energy, transports, new technologies, education, human right, etc? You want to find a European partner for your project?  Get successfully prepared for open and upcoming calls. This training is tailored to provide you immediate and effective support to master state of the art methodologies for project development and achieve excellence in project proposal writing for main EU programmes such as Horizon 2020, Cosme, Erasmus+, Creative, IPA II, etc.  Tuition fee is €75

Horizon 2020 – Project development and proposal writing training  – 29-30.August , Belgrade, OPEN

During challenging two-day training, experienced practitioners will focus on participants’ concrete project initiatives for open Horizon 2020; For detail info download brochure at the link above. Tuition fee is €100

For registration or more info please send us email at;

Or call BSN team at + 381 69 822 09 14 and + 381 65 258 50 23 from 12h to 17h

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