Cultural jobs: helping artists cross borders

15 sep
Job interviews are always call for excitement, but what if your skill set is best seen in action, rather than expressed in words? This is why EURES Sweden gives media and fine arts jobseekers the stage to dazzle European employers with their talent.  
Throughout 2014, EURES Sweden has facilitated participation of 72 artists in different recruitment meetings (for screenwriters, designers and sound and light artists) and about 50 employers has taken part. As a result, 15 artists have got an offer for employment or commission.
One example of this was the eighth edition of the Entertainment mässan (Swedish for Entertainment fair) which took place in Malmö, Sweden, earlier this year. Among others, it was attended by 35 singers and dancers from Sweden and Norway who stepped up to the challenge in order to impress the three attending luxury hotel chains from Spain.
“There is growing interest among employers for events of this kind,” says Wanna Spiridonidou, EURES Adviser from Sweden in charge of the fine arts and media sectors. Contrary to what some might believe, we have to work hard to find enough dancers and singers to come to our auditions, which is why we invite artists from all over Europe to come to our events, explains Wanna.
So far, employers seem to be satisfied with the format and talent choices. “We are very happy with the event in Malmö as it has been very successful for us,” says Daria Purnik, representative for the IBEROSTAR chain of luxury hotels and resorts. “We have been recruiting with EURES for some years now and at the event we found five musical artist who are now working in Mallorca,” adds Daria.
Norveški jezik- Kontext

Upcoming events in 2014 and 2015
November 2014: there will be a pitch/recruitment meeting for playwrights in connection with Swedstage 2014, an international theater festival arranged by the Association of Theatre for Children and Young People and the Theater union in Sweden. About 30 employers are expected from around Europe. Application period 20 August-20 September.
February 2015: New audition for dancers and singers for European employers. More information to come in due course on EURES Events calendar. 
Next steps
Find upcoming auditions organised by EURES Sweden (Specific events in English, otherwise Swedish)
Find upcoming events in EURES Events Calendar
Upcoming Online Events
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