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01 apr

University Degrees

The education project is designed based on the definition of the professional profile of each qualification, from the reality of what the professional labour market is calling for.

Thus, the curriculum and the teaching methods are directly oriented to student learning and the development of professional skills.

This means we undertake the integral education of the individual to enhance their capabilities, skills, abilities and values in order to achieve an eminently practical training, much in demand on the labour market.

CESTE and the University of Wales. – In 1994 CESTE decided to give its university programmes an international scope. This led to sign an Agreement with the University of Wales. Since then our graduates obtain a double qualification: that issued by the school itself, and the qualification issued by the University of Wales in the United Kingdom.

CESTE and the University Camilo José Cela.- Last academic year CESTE signed a Cooperation Agreement with the University Camilo José Cela by which Ceste will provide the Degree in Business Administration once the qualification is validated by ANECA and authorized by the self- governing Communities of Madrid and Aragón.  As a result of this agreement all the programmes provided by CESTE will also appear as qualified by the University Camilo José Cela.

At CESTE you can study the following Degree Courses:

CESTE Master´s Degree Programmes are designed, from the point of view of the labour market, according to the professional profile belonging to each degree.

Our aim is to provide leaders a comprehensive education, enhancing their capabilities, skills and values ​​to achieve unique skills that add value to their companies.

Thus, both the curriculum and the methodology used in the provision of courses are directly oriented towards students learning and the development of their professional skills.

Executive MBA

This programme, in a global and comprehensive way, addresses the entire company and trains participants in the knowledge, skills and attitudes involved in the decision making process of any professional who is occupying or will occupy a position of responsibility in today´s companies.

The programme is designed on the basis of the EFQM model in Business Excellence as a tool for Quality Management. This enables a client- oriented organization that optimizes the awareness of the management team and staff in order to improve their products and/or services.

Aimed at

The Executive MBA is a Master´s Degree in Business Administration particularly aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and executives with wide experience.

CESTE Executive MBA is not a part-time MBA for postgraduates. The difference between both types of programme is clear and lies in the participants themselves.  While in an MBA for Postgraduates most of the people attending are university graduates who have recently completed their studies and have little or no professional experience, the participant in an Executive MBA is an experienced professional who appreciates, not only the quality of lecturers and the programme, but also the fact of being able to have a very positive exchange of experiences among participants. The methodology is effectively adapted to take full advantage of the contributions that these participants provide. The participation of the whole group is one of the added values ​​of a Master for Executives.

Career Plan

CESTE- International Business School, through its Professional Development Service, manages the professional progression of those executives participating in the programme that ask for it.

CESTE promotes the professional Careers Service as a common thread through the process of growth and professional improvement of the people we train, offering points of contact between companies and our students.

The aim of this service is to improve working situations or to seek better jobs for students who request it, thanks to the relationship the School has with many important companies of our community (many of them permanently linked to the school in the CESTE Business Club ), that at a national and international level, ask us for highly qualified personnel to fill vacancies.

International MBA

The International MBA is an exclusive programme in Business Administration that addresses the entire company in a global and comprehensive way within an international environment.

This programme, which is established in the market, has a great acceptance among undergraduates and businessmen. The key to its reputation lies in the high standard and quality of the programme, its selected faculty, along with the high rate of our students´ work placement.

Aimed at

It is particularly directed to Graduates from Business Schools and Universities who wish to get prepared for international and multicultural environments.

People over 25 without a university degree who can demonstrate experience can gain access to the programme as well.

It is important to remark that none of the participants has any previous professional experience. However, thanks to the teaching methodology, students assimilate knowledge very easily, with no previous experience.

In case of having done a previous internship, the student has the advantage of being able to contrast learning and actual work.

Career Plan

CESTE- International Business School, through its Professional Development Service, has Cooperation Agreements for its Master´s in Business Administration (MBA) students to undertake their Careers in the most important companies of Aragón, members of CESTE Business Club

The aim is to strengthen the presence of CESTE students in companies with positions in which to develop a career plan of quality and future prospects.

After first four months since the beginning of the MBA have passed, students will be provided with a Career Plan in order to complete the training developed during the school year and to facilitate their entry into the labor market.

For more information please download presentation : CESTE

Kind regards.

Alberto Navarro Sánchez

Área Internacional

CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios [International Business School]

Pº Infantes de España nº 3 – 50012 Zaragoza (España)

Tel. +34 976 568 586 – Fax +34 976 568

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