Belgrade CATCH – Pitch Challenge 2016

15 jul

Belgrade Pitch

Foundcenter Investment Belgrade is proud to present the first investor-organized Pitch Challenge: CATCH

Secure a unique investment contract with Foundcenter Investment!

As a German investment fund based in Berlin, Los Angeles and, since recently, in Belgrade we are looking for new, attractive ideas and businesses with disruptive innovation to invest in.

We will invest in the best ideas up to €1 Million and create a unique opportunity for growth. This is a part of an overall investment fund set up by Foundcenter Investment Berlin, Los Angeles and Belgrade amounting to €100 Million!

So, it’s time to CATCH your dream, your life, your business.

All you need to have is an idea, product or business and a team with a potential to scale internationally.

We will invest in IT technology, health technology, natural resources, mobility, business products & services, art & design.

And this is not the only effort we have on our agenda: If there are other compelling ideas, be sure we will be inspired to CATCH them!

The CATCH Pitch Challenge opens to entries for presentation submission on 25th April 2016 and closes on 1st July 2016.
All applications will go through a pre-selection round.

The pre-selection process will end on 01st September 2016. Subsequently, selected applicants will be invited to pitch live at the CATCH Pitch Challenge on the 27th, 28th and 29th September 2016 in Jugoslovenska kinoteka Beograd.

All applications will be pre-selected based on their written submissions. The board of Foundcenter Investment will evaluate the participants for the live pitch based on product/concept, team and market potential.
All applicants are invited to attend the event regardless of pre-selection results.


Even if you don’t CATCH your chance this time, just by applying, your team automatically becomes a potential candidate for future investments. We are here to track your progress within the next 12 months and invest if we recognize an opportunity.
Besides the pitch challenge there will be panel discussions and keynote speakers you don’t want to miss!

More info at :http:/ or

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