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Assistant in the European Parliament

Deadline: 13 January 2015
Open to: EU nationals
Salary: EUR 3,424


The European Parliament (EP) is looking for experienced, multi-talented, resilient and highly motivated assistants who can play a key role in the organisation of the European Parliament’s daily work.

As an assistant you will enjoy different challenges every day. You could be carrying out a range of implementation, support and logistical tasks such as:

  • Assisting in parliamentary work ranging for example from preparing, formatting and checking official documents such as reports, opinions, amendments, sending them for translation,  assisting in planning and organising Committee/Delegation meetings and public hearings as well as organising missions and other events outside the three places of work of the European Parliament;
  • Carrying out communication activities such as drafting texts for the general public as well as for internal use, newsletters, updating  intranet and internet sites, production and finalising page layout for document publications;
  • Managing correspondence and mail by processing and sending standard internal letters and notes to internal and external recipients;
  • Ensuring the smooth daily running of a committee/delegation/unit secretariat by providing administrative support where needed (taking care of logistical arrangements, facilitating the information flow, etc.).


Relevant professional experience related to the job plays an important role in this selection procedure. Where you have completed post-secondary education you should have at least 3 years’ professional experience. If you have only completed secondary education then you should have at least 6 years professional experience.

To be able to take part in this rigorous and highly competitive selection procedure, you must be an EU citizen, have outstanding communication and organisational skills, and a good command of two official languages of the EU (your main language plus English, French or German).

kravata verzij sale


You will be based in Brussels. Work related travel – mainly to Strasbourg – may be required. Indicative basic monthly starting salary: EUR 3,424 (based on a 40-hour working week).


Application deadline is 13 January 2015, 12.00 midday (Brussels time).

In order to apply for the job position you need to have an EPSO account.  You will log into your EPSO account after launching your application by clicking on the “Apply now” button:

All applicants to selection procedures will be given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

The official webpage

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Motivacioni vikend AEGEE-Beograda- Saznajte kako da postanete studentski lideri i putujete besplatno po Evropi


Imaš ideju, želju da se angažuješ, upoznaš nove ljude i naučiš nepoznate veštine?

Provedi vikend u drugačijoj atmosferi sa AEGEE-Beogradom i AEGEE-Budimpeštom u u novosadskom vikend naselju Ribnjak, nadomak Fruške gore, od 21. do 23. novembra.

Etno klub 1
Imaćete priliku da prisustvujete Time-Management i How To Communicate radionicama, i da čujete nešto više o našoj organizaciji, o načinu na koji funkcioniše i radnim grupama unutar organizacije.

Jedva čekamo da se zajedno družimo, upoznajemo, pomažemo jedno drugima i stvaramo jaču i samosvesniju studentsku sliku.


Prijavi se na mail: ili
-ime i prezime,
-datum rođenja,
-mobilni telefon,
-šta vas je motivisalo da se prijavite
Čitav trening, smeštaj i dva obroka tokom ovog motivacionog vikenda iznosi 2200 dinara.

Kliknite na link ispod:


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Dragi clanovi,

ako ste mislili da preko AEGEE-a ne mozete putovati van zemalja Evrope, prevarili ste se!!! Predstojeci dogadjaj uTunisu, u okviru EuroArab projekta (, rusi sve predrasude i pomera granice izmedju moderne misli i tradicionalnih obicaja.

Od 11. do 18. maja imate sjajnu priliku da za 140evra naucite mnogo o arapskoj i muslimanskoj kulturi, cuvenom Arapskom prolecu(Arab Spring), toleranciji, demokratiji i zenskim pravima.

Ostalo je jos pet nepopunjenih mesta, zato ne oklevajte i prijavite se na do 17. aprila.


Program obuhvata:

  • Activities exploring both the modern and conservative sides of Tunisia
  • Meetings with Tunisian young people from different NGOs to find out more about their work (student NGOs, Women’s NGOs…)
  • Discussions about the Tunisian Revolution and the Arab Spring (the challenges, the advantages and the obstacles)
  • Visits to religious and historic sites (mosques, cathedrals, museums…)
  • Cultural activities to discover Tunisian flavours, costumes, music and traditions
U fee od 140e ulaze:

  • Accommodation in a hostel
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transportation while in Tunisia
  • Entrance costs to all the places you visit
Aplikacija i motivaciono pismo:

  • Name
  • Antenna
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  1. What first comes to your mind when you think about Tunisia? (either positive or negative) Have you ever been to an Arab country? What was your experience?
  2. What do you hope to achieve by coming to this event?
  3. Why should the organisers choose you in particular? 

logo kontext


U nazivu (subject-u) naglasiti:
Primer: Ivana Mijanac_Beograd_Srbija_TUNISIA_APPLICATION

Vise informacija procitajte u THE AEGEEAN-u i Golden Times-u

Odgovor bi trebalo da dobijete do 18.aprila.

Pozdrav i srecno 😉

Ivana Mijanac,

Vice President
European Affairs Responsible

cell: +381 60 099 98 81

Djusina 7, kabinet 309,
11 000 Belgrade, Serbia


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Summer School 2014 & EuroDIG u Berlinu

Would you like to be a participant in an exciting International Training Course and Conference that will help you to gain expertise on Internet Governance?
New Media Summer School will bring together 35 young people prior to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 2014 in Berlin (Germany) between 8th and 14th June 2014 in order to develop the field of internet governance bringing forward the opinion of young people from different regions in Europe and its surrounding areas.
The event aims to develop young people’s competences on internet governance issues, make the voice of young people heard and provide them a chance to participate in IG debate.
The New Media Summer School 2014 Berlin is jointly organized through an European consortium of different partners: AEGEE – European Students’ Forum, JEF – Young European Federalists, YEU – Youth for Exchange and Understanding, FYEG – Federation of Young European Greens, CTR –  Romania Youth Council, CNJ – Portuguese National Youth Council, YPE – Young Pirates of Europe, FNG – Forum Nazionale dei Giovani, in cooperation with AEGEE-Berlin and the Youth IGF Germany.
Kontext 2014-Saša
The idea
The idea of the project arose from several previous events and IGF-s where no youth voice was represented but where youth matters were discussed. At the moment children and youth related topics are one of the core issues in IGF meetings; however youth voice not represented nor heard. Furthermore, youth e-participation is becoming more and more relevant every day; some even say that in some years it’s more vital to reach non organised young people online than face to face. Therefore it’s important to develop effective tools and methods how to involve young people online regardless to their background. In addition, e-participation is one of the means of developing democracy and therefore needs to be explored a lot.
The New Media Summer School seeks to equip young people with competencies, knowledge and skills regarding new media policies. New Media Summers School young experts shall be able to bring forward inspiring ideas on new media policies during the European Dialogue on Internet Governance. Following the aims and objectives as well as the topic of the conference, these topics are being tackled during the event:
// Privacy
// Copyright
// Net neutrality
// Accessibility & Inclusion
// Internet of things (IoT) & Cloud
// Hate Speech
// Internet Principles & state security
Application procedure & timing
Open call for applications:  April, 9 
Deadline for applications: April 23
Notification to selected youth experts:  April 26
Applications need to be submitted through the online form. Every applicant will receive an email of confirmation for the submission. Only successful applicants receive an email with further instructions and information. 
The working language is English. 
Benefit information 
The New Media Summer School offers travel reimbursement for successful applications to the event. 
Applicants traveling (not nationality) from Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Romania will have priority in selections due to grant limitations. 
Applicants from other countries are also encouraged to apply and we will request exceptions or travel cost can be covered from other sources. 
The participant fee is 50€ per person and will be conducted from the travel reimbursement. 
 In particular the event covers:
//  Up to 70% of overall travel expenses upon presentation of receipts (cheapest way of transport, no taxi)
//  Accommodation in shared rooms in a hip and modern youth hostel located in Berlin centre for 6 nights (June 8 – June 14); incl. free wi-fi
//  Meals during the event (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks)
In order to apply candidates must send completed application form following the link: latest by April 23th 2014 23:59h CET.
If you have any question feel free to contact

Ivana Mijanac,

Vice President
European Affairs Responsible

cell: +381 60 099 98 81

Djusina 7, kabinet 309,
11 000 Belgrade, Serbia


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Lokalna jezička radna grupa studentske organizacije AEGEE Beograd, koju čine studenti završnih godina Filološkog fakulteta, je došla na ideju da organizuje besplatne kurseve stranih jezika za studente Univerziteta u Beogradu, sa ciljem da podstakne mlade ljude da učenjem stranog jezika prošire svoje vidike, ali i da radom na sebi steknu korisnu novu veštinu. Zato je pokrenula projekat LanguAEGEE.

Projektom  je obuhvaćeno 7 stranih jezika: holandski , nemački , grčki , mađarski , arapski , turski i španski. Kursevi počinju druge nedelje marta i trajaće 12 nedelja, tokom kojih će polaznici imati priliku da pohađanjem željenog kursa steknu osnovno znanje jezika (nivo A1).

Ko može da se prijavi i kako?

Mogu da se prijave svi zainteresovani studenti, tako što će poslati svoje kontakt podatke (ime, prezime, kontakt telefon i e-mail), fakultet i godinu studija i kratko motivaciono pismo na e-mail adresu languaegee@gmail.comnajkasnije do 10. marta 2014. godine. U subject-u maila potrebno je navesti jezik za koji se prijavljujete.

Svi prijavljeni kandidati biće blagovremeno obavešteni o detaljima vezanim za kurs za koji su se prijavili.

Projekat se realizuje u saradnji sa saradnji sa Language Working Group AEGEE Europe, a uz podršku Kancelarije za mlade Beograd, Biblioteke grada Beograda i Ministarstva omladine i sporta Republike Srbije.


* Za dodatne informacije možete se obratiti na e-mail adresu ili putem Facebook stranice projekta.

Norveški jezik- Kontext

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