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Job description


Ever since we started the company, we nurtured a culture of being creative, empowered and bold in our work. Since then, we have assembled a team of 170 incredible individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests, but with the common passion for games and a mission to inspire people around them.

We believe that we are our greatest competition and our goal is to be better tomorrow than we are today. As we continue on that journey, we are looking for a Global PR & Events Manager who shares our beliefs, to join the team and share our story with the world.

About the role

This role is a rare opportunity for you to join one of the most successful independent mobile gaming companies in Europe. We are looking for an experienced PR Manager who excels at managing corporate PR activities, who successfully launched games and can handle PR for our games, including a global hit Top Eleven, with more than 170 million registered users. Additionally, we are looking for someone to align our event strategy with company goals and manage our corporate/product presence at worldwide events.

Key responsibilities include strategizing, planning, organization, liaising with partners and external suppliers, management, budget estimates, post event analysis followed by effective internal communication.The role is based in Belgrade and part of our award winning marketing team consisting of 20 people, and you would be reporting to Communications Manager.


  • Create communication and event strategy aligned with Nordeus business and brand strategy, product strategies, product brand strategies and talent acquisition approach.
  • Generating and placing a wide range of press releases, statements and articles in the world, regional and local media, often to tight deadlines
  • Managing the media on a routine day-to-day basis as well as responding in the event of a major issue/event
  • Developing a wide range of direct media contacts, regularly briefing them on developments within the company
  • Prepare and maintain and annual plan of events, recognize the best business opportunities and set objectives for each event.
  • Develop, maintain and deliver on an annual plan for events attendance from proposal right up to delivery, including
  • Monitor and evaluate the media coverage, publications and the commercial impact of all PR activities


  • English language proficiency , Online English Test 
  • Substantial experience in a media or PR capacity and implementing media/publicity events
  • 5+ years of experience in the gaming industry
  • Excellent writing and strong presentation, promotion and communication skills.
  • Instinctive ability for developing a story and determining what would work well for the media,
  • Ability to create good direct relationships with the media and create strong and effective pitches for different media outlets across the globe
  • Adaptive communicator with ability to work with a wide range of individuals at all levels
  • Practical and entrepreneurial in approach, with drive and resilience to ‘make things happen’
  • Excellent organizational/project management skills and ability to manage priorities in a fast-paced working environment
  • Ability to be resourceful and proactive in dealing with issues that may arise
  • A people person who can be part of our company culture and be an ambassador for our organization
  • Attention to detail

Sounds interesting? Send us your up-to-date CV and cover letter explaining why you believe that we’re a good match. We look forward to hearing from you!

More info and apply here :


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Potrebne promoterke i promoteri


Potrebni momci i devojke, koji bi radili PROMOCIJE u tržnim centrima u Beogradu.

Uslovi za kandidate:
• Studenti i nezaposleni do 30 godina
• Potrebno je da osoba bude komunikativna

Promocije se organizuju u zatvorenim prostorima( tržnim centrima).

Besplatno testirajte Engleski jezik na linku : Online Test



Promoteri imaju stalan posao, i količina angažovanih radnih sati najviše zavisi od njihovog vremena.

Uslovi rada: 150 po satu + bonusi po jasno utvrdjenoj bonus šemi.

Više informacija na telefone: 011/6455-592; 011/6439-998; ( u periodu od 08 do 15h radnim danima)

Prijava je obavezna na sledeći mail: (sa naznakom za posao promocija) i da Vas je preporučio Lepi Sale


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Zaradite u Srbiji 5000 eura za mesec dana




Ovo je jedinstvena šansa da shvatite budućnost plaćanja, investiranja i zarade .​

Masterclass za kriptovalute fokusira se ne samo na osnove kriptovaluta i blockchain tehnologije, već i pruža uvid za praktičnu upotrebu u bankarskim i platnim sistemima, kao i fundamentalnu analizu kako bi razumeli koji faktori sve utiču na formiranje cena, kao i uvid u pravnu regulativu u raznim državama sveta, uključujući i Evropsku Uniju, koja je nedavno promenila svoj zakon o kriptovalutama.


​Detaljni uvod u kriptovalute:

  • Koncept kriptovaluta
  • Decentralizovane kriptovalute
  • Centralizovane kriptovalute

Detaljni uvod u blockchain tehnologiju:

  • Osnovne funkcije i karakteristike
  • Blockchain explorer – kako pronaći transakcije
  • Razlika između metakoina i altkoina
  • Alternativne upotrebe blockcheina

Ekonomski faktori i analiza:

  • Ključni faktori koji određuju vrednost kriptovaluta
  • Fundementalna analiza za BTC, XRP and ETH

Upotreba blockchaina za bankarske i platne sisteme:

  • Pametni ugovori (Smart Contracts)
  • Implementacija metakoina
  • Blockchain kao bankarska transakciona platforma

Pravna regulativa:

  • Pravna regulativa u raznim državama sveta i EU

Ovaj seminar vodiće Nikola Korbar

O Predavaču

Nikola Korbar je osnivač i vlasnik DigitalMoneyPulse-a, edukativne i konsalting platforme za kriptovalute i Crypto Telegraph-a, sajta za vesti iz oblasti kriptovaluta i blokčejn tehnologije sa posebnim fokusom na centralizovane kriptovalute, kao i vesti iz trgovačkog, regulativnog, tehničkog i bezbednosnog aspekta kriptovaluta.

Nikola je bio govornik o kriptovalutama i blockchain tehnologiji na Fraud Academy seminaru u Budvi, ISACA Nordic konferenciji u Geteborgu i IV međunarodnoj Konferenciji za elektronski novac, platne kartice i platne sisteme u Bratislavi, u organizaciji Centra za bankarsku edukaciju Narodne Banke Slovačke i Bankarske asocijacije za Centralnu i Istočnu Evropu. Takođe je autor brojnih radova o kriptovalutama, a koji imaju svrhu da čitaoce upoznaju sa osnovnim konceptom kriptovaluta i blockchain tehnologije.

Nikola je završio smer Bitcoin i Blockchain tehnologija na Univerzitetu u Nikoziji, i uz to je strukovni ekonomista Univerziteta u Beogradu.

Seminar se održava :
Hotel Srbija Beograd
Vreme održavanja 29.06. od 10.00 do 14.30
Cena_ 6.200 dinara
U saradnju sa Promocijama i popustima ,dajemo specijalan popust za studente i njihovo dalje usavršavanje , cena je samo 2000 dinara .
Info i prijave : i 065 33 211 77
Crna Gora:
Akademija Znanja
Cena 60 eura
Info i prijave : i 065 33 211 77

Global Training of Trainers (ToT) on Youth and Peace Building  for Young Peace Builders & Trainers

Global Training of Trainers (ToT) on Youth and Peace Building for Young Peace Builders & Trainers

October 03rd to 7th – 2016

RGNIYD Regional Centre, Chandigarh, India

Dear Peacebuilders,
Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) Regional Centre, Chandigarh (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA) in collaboration with Youth for Peace International (YFPI) & Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) India, is organising a 5 days Global Training of Trainers (ToT) on Youth and Peace Building.

When: 3rd to 7th October 2017
Where: RGNIYD Regional Centre, Sector 12, Chandigarh, India
Who: 45 selected young peace builders and trainers from all over the World
Deadline: 20 July 2017 (Thursday) at 05.00pm (IST)

Application Link:
Fee: USD 100 (to partially cover the food, accommodation and training expenses)*/**
*Limited need-based full and partial scholarships are available. The fee doesn’t cover travel & visa expenses.
**Additional Benefits for International Participants (on a voluntary basis): Recommendation, selection and 40% scholarship to join another 5 days peace program (Global Peace Fest 2017), close to ToT dates and venue. Check more details at the first & submission confirmation page of the application form.

RGNIYD is an Institute of National Importance under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. It has always been motivated to train young persons and interest them in community welfare activities and peaceful coexistence. This training is designed for the current and future trainers, to enable them to train more young people in building peace. Also, the individuals will be recognised as ‘ Global Youth Ambassadors for Peace’ after the training.

Background: The Security Council adoption of Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security on December 9, 2015, acknowledges the central role young people play in global peace efforts. Whilst significant gains have been made on Youth and Peace over the past fifteen years, there still remains a large gap between the commitments made by policymakers and the implementation on the ground.

Training of Trainers for young peace builders is not in proportion to a number of prevailing issues. With workshops like these, we hope that the participants and the organisations they represent put in collaborative efforts to combat conflicts. The training shall equip the participants with a strong theoretical understanding of conflicts, practical approaches mixed with peaceful core values to be a better trainer and also substantiate with case studies to help them comprehend the holistic picture of the same. We hope that in course of the sessions and during the breaks, the participants and the facilitators share their anecdotes of peace- making that will inspire and motivate others.

We hope that you or candidates from your network choose to apply for this ToT on youth and peacebuilding. Thanks for your support.


Mridul Upadhyay

India Coordinator – Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

Chief Advisor & Trustee – Youth for Peace International

Twitter – @Mridul_upadhyay| LinkedIn – mridul_upadhyay

Skype – Mridul14320      | Facebook – upadhyay.mridul

New Delhi, India.


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Letnja škola tehnološkog preduzetništva: Od video igre do uspešnog biznisa

ICT Hub drugu godinu za redom organizovaće Letnju školu tehnološkog preduzetništva namenjenu učenicima srednjih škola u novootvorenom centru Playground.


Fokus trodnevne škole je na industriji video igara i tome kako da video igru razvijete od ideje u pravi biznis, a vaš gejming studio u uspešnu kompaniju. Zašto?

  • Video igre igramo svi, posebno srednjoškolci.
  • Često u ovom uzrastu učenici kada programiraju nešto, to upravo budu video igre.
  • Sa poslovne strane, industrija video igara je ogromna! Tržište video igara, koje su ranije činili tinejdžeri, danas obuhvata najrazličitije korisnike i beleži eksplozivan rast. Industrija video igara je u 2016. godini generisala prihod od 91 milijardu dolara, što je duplo više od onoga što prihoduje globalna filmska industrija.

Koncept škole obuhvataće predavanja iskusnih predavača, gejmera koji vode neke od najuspešnijih domaćih gejming kompanija, posete studijima/kompanijama, praktičan timski rad na pripremi prezentacije vaše poslovne ideje potencijalnim investitorima i žiriju eksperata iz oblasti.

Besplatno testirajte Engleski jezik na linku : Online Test

Letnja škola tehnološkog preduzetništva ICT Hub-a biće realizovana na našoj novoj adresi u ulici Kralja Milana 10 (ulaz iz Kosovke devojke) i to u dva ciklusa, u periodu od 12-14. juna i 28-30. avgusta. Broj mesta je ograničen na 20 učenika po ciklusu, a svi zainteresovani svoje mesto i učešće mogu da potvrde OVDE do srede, 07. juna.

Letnju školu realizuje Udruženje građana za razvoj tehnološkog preduzetništva ICT Hub, u okviru projekta „Podsticaj mladih na tehnološko preduzetništvo“, a koje finansira Ministarstvo omladine i sporta Republike Srbije.

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