Dual Citizenship to be debated- Life in Norway

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The Norwegian Government confirms that it supports the concept of double citizenship, and that proposals will be presented before the end of the year.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug announced on Wednesday that the Government is in favour of a change in the Citizens’ Act that would allow for dual citizenship. Proposals to introduce a system of dual citizenship (known as dobbelt statsborgerskap) have been discussed for many years, but took a big step forward one year ago when Norway’s Parliamentary Committee recommended the Government remove the country’s ban, and then Norway’s governing Høyre party announced their support.

Norway is today the only country in the Nordic region, and one of the few in Europe that does not allow dual citizenship. Although there are some exceptions, the roadblock has given many people some very difficult decisions to make about their very identity.

norveska paket

The amended law will be celebrated by foreign nationals in Norway who may have been nervous about renouncing their citizenship in order to take Norwegian citizenship. But it’s not just foreigners in Norway who stand to benefit. Norwegian families who live all around the world are celebrating too.

“We have been waiting for a long time!” says Hanne K. Aaberg, Secretary General of the organisation Norwegians Worldwide. “We are very pleased that the government will change an outdated and unfair legislation that has major consequences for Norwegian families around the world. This is a highlight for us and we look forward to everyone who is affected by the ban on double citizenship.”

  1. Potrebni autolakileri i autolimari za posao u Norveškoj
  2. Potrebni instalateri za rad u Austriji
  3. Poslovi u inostranstvu

“Many Norwegians move in and out of Norway several times throughout their lives, with the consequence that family members may have different citizenship. It creates problems and makes it difficult to move home.”

“Norwegians abroad make up an important and unrecognized resource for Norwegian society. Allowing dual citizenship is a fundamental issue for Norway’s relationship with all Norwegians living and working abroad. Norwegians who retain their Norwegian citizenship maintain a strong bond to Norway, and can also participate as full-fledged citizens in the country they work and live in.”

Proposals to be debated

Of course there is still a long road ahead before any proposal comes into effect. Once the Government’s proposal is presented later this year, it will be examined, debated and amended before it gets anywhere near a vote. One key element will be whether someone can reclaim Norwegian citizenship if they had previously been forced to give it up.

There is also the issue of the minority Government. The largest party in Parliament, the Labour Party, have not been supportive of a change to dual citizenship in the past, so we can expect some heated debate when the proposals are presented later this year.

Read about the current requirements to become a Norwegian citizen.


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Kit commerce traži prodavce auto delova i magacinske radnike


Svesni činjenice da su naši zaposleni ključ uspeha, mi ulažemo u učenje i različite programe edukacije. Gradimo dinamično okruženje koje pruža mogućnosti za lični i profesionalni razvoj.

Zaposleni u kompaniji KIT Commerce su spremni da odgovore izazovima posla i da kroz inicijativu, fleksibilnost i organizovanost podrže dalji razvoj kompanije u cilju održavanja liderske pozicije na tržištu.

Ako nemate CV besplatno preuzmite CV-Formular-InoPoslovi-SR-

Ukoliko želite da budete deo našeg tima, pošaljite Vaš CV na

Otvorene pozicije
– Magacinski radnik
– Prodavac auto delova

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Potrebne osobe sa znanjem Engleskog jezika

Customer Service Representative with English
Are you ready to join a fun family environment with tons of growth opportunity? Then Sitel is the place for you!

Sitel Serbia successfully operates for 5 years now and the local team consists of more than 800 dedicated colleagues.

About 80% of our management team started their career at Sitel as a Customer Care Representative.

In everyday life, we are in contact with 22 different cultures and we communicate with our clients in 10 different languages.

Summary of primary job responsibilities:
Working in partnership with our Clients, we are looking to grow our ENGLISH team of expert Customer Service Representatives. With full training provided, you will support customers who are having challenges and are contacting us via phone, email or chat. Delivering a world class customer experience is a key, and as part of this you will offer eligible customers the best service.

Your tasks will be to:
• Communicate via telephone, mail and/or chat with existing customers in order to solve their inquiries
• Give information about the product or service to existing customers and prospects
• Transfer more difficult inquiries to higher level if necessary
• Demonstrate a strong customer service orientation and take responsibility to ensure customers are satisfied
• Proactively propose improvements and feedback in processes and ways of working to Team Management / Operations Manager
• Maintain received information properly in the system

Your skills:
• Fluent in spoken and written ENGLISH, free online TEST
• Excellent communicator
• Superb at building rapport with customers.
• Good at numerical and verbal reasoning skills
• With excellent MS Office skills

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  2. Potrebni kandidati medicinske struke za posao u Nemačkoj
  3. Potrebne sobaraice za posao u inostranstvu

High school diploma or equivalent

Sitel Serbia offers you:
• Stable employment
• Social package including: additional healthcare insurance; ice-cream during summer time and fruits during winter; social team activities
• To join a young and dynamic team in multinational environment
• Opportunities for long-term professional career
• Entitlement to company internal training and development according to global standards
• Friendly and accessible office location
• Opportunity for flexible working hours

Apply here : 
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Prvi seminar: 19-20 MAJ 2018 ( 2-3 jun)

Mesto: Beograd, Nebojsina 30

Odgovorni docent: Dr Dragan Andjelkovic, osteopat, kineziolog, biopranoterapeut,

terapeut bioenergetske psihosomatike i manuelne integrativne medicine

studirao, radio I ziveo u Milanu preko 35 godina


Izdaje se certifikat na kraju studija; mogucnost sertifikata italijanske skole*

  • Sta student dobija ovom edukacijom

Sustina ove edukacije je ponuditi studentima jedan vrlo specifican i bogat program, te mogucnost prepoznavanje i resavanje bioenergetskih psihosomatskih problema pacijenta,

pocevsi od emocionalnih rana iz ranog detinjstva, preko emocionalnih konflikata skrivenih u cakrama, do holistickog koncepta posmatranja i tumacenja disbalansa“trougla zdravlja“

kod osoba.

-Diferencijalna dijagnostika

U tu svrhu, vrlo bitne ulogu u programu studija imaju testovi dijagnostickog karaktera

(primenjena kineziologija i holisticka osteopatija-govor emocionalnog i fizickog tela).

Sto se pak tice terapijskih disciplina, odlucili smo se za one tehnike koje su razlicite od vec poznatih studiranih i manje prisutnih na nasim prostorima.

One svakako daju izvanredne mogucnosti holistickim terapeutima u resavanju disbalansa

„trougla zdravlja“ pre svega u terapijskom smislu reci, a po principima integrativne medicine

I diferencijalnih tehnika.

-Terapeutske tehnike

U ovom kontekstu, u program su uvrstene tehnike kao sto su kranijalna osteopatija (cranio sacral therapy), bioenergija (ili biopranotherapy), energetsko prociscavanje, energetska vibracionalna medicina, bioenegetika Lowen, itd.
Holisticka metoda

  • Gde se moze primenjivati Bioenergetska Psihosomatika

Pocevsi od prvih emocionalnih trauma u zivotu, rane iz detinstva, preko emocionalnih konflikata skrivenih u cakrama, pa sve do slozenih psiho-emocionalnih, bioenergetskih, fizickihih i biohemijskih zdravstvenih problema.

Imajuci u vidu programsku koncepciju i razlicite mogucnosti primene integrativnih , holistickih tehnika, koje ova edukacija pruza a pre svega i dijagnosticke metode, terapeuti ce imati vrlo solidna znanja da pristupe resvanju problema psho-bioenergetskog porekla jednog pacijenta.

Polazeci vec od poznate cinjenice, da u vecini slucajeva, fizicka bol coveka je zapravo “bol duse”,

(ako nije bilo prave fizicke traume), onda je polje primene bioenergetske psihosomatike, vrlo siroko i moze se primenjivati u svim psiho-somatskim disfunkcijama ne samo kod izrazenog “psiho” karaktera, ili psihosomatskih problema,

vec i kod bolova osteo-misicnog sistema, losoj funkcionalnosti unutrasnjih organa, kranijalnih lezija i slicno.

  • Dali je priznata Bioenergetska Psihosomatika

U evropskim zemljama je priznata, jer su pre svega priznate bioenergetske discipline kao sto je

Priznata i psihosomatika; isti je slucaj i u Srbiji, posto su ove tehnike priznate pod “alternativnom medicinom”. Bioenergetska psihosomatika je prakticno spoj ovih dveju grupa bio-psiho integrativnih tehnika, odnosno bioenergetske istocnjacke medicine i zapadne psihosomatske psihologije.

Terapeuti koji su zavrsili ovu edukaciju se jednostavno deklarisu kao

Terapeuti Bioenergetske Psihosomatike ili Biopsiho Terapeut

Prijave i info : i 065 33 211 77


Ostvarite Vaše ciljeve – unapredite komunikaciju i naučite da kako da efikasno rešavate svoje probleme na poslu i u porodici

trening - 3

Dragi Moji,

U periodu od 31. maja do 2. juna, u hotelu Constantine the Great, u Beogradu, održaće se trening „Moć efikasne komunikacije 2018„.
Trening vodi Dragan Savić,  strateški savetnik domaćih i multinacionalnih kompanija, trener, ključni govornik i predavač na brojnim međunarodnim konferencijama na temu komunikacije i ponašanja u kriznim situacijama, gostujući predavač na Univerzitetu DOBA/Slovenija i Farmaceutskom fakultetu u Beogradu.

Bilo da su u pitanju poremećeni odnosi u porodici, na radnom mestu, ili u nekom drugom životnom okruženju, program „Moć efikasne komunikacije 2018“ daje konkretna i veoma efikasna rešenja za njihovo prevazilaženje.


Trening „Moć efikasne komunikacije 2018“ je po svom sadržaju ekskluzivan, rađen je tako da bude potreban eliti i sadrži objedinjena znanja koja se u toj formi ne mogu pronaći na drugom mestu. Za učesnike, trening predstavlja potpuno novo i veoma vredno iskustvo.


Pozivam Vas da Vi i Vaši saradnici uzmete učešće na ovom treningu – koristi po učesnike su dalekosežne, trening predstavlja novo vredno i jedinstveno iskustvo, a po efikasnosti daleko prevazilazi, po nazivu, srodne treninge koji se nude na tržištu.


Sadržaj programa i sve bitne informacije koje se odnose na organizaciju ove obuke, možete da pogledate u prilogu ili putem linka:

Prilikom prijavljivanja pošaljite i promo kod SASAMpk0003DS052018 i za jednu kupljenu kotizaciju dobićete dva mesta za učešće na ovoj jedinstvenoj obuci. Ponuda važi za prijave do 15. maja.

Ukoliko Vam je potrebna još neka informacija pozovite na 063 327 317 ili pišite na
Srdačan pozdrav,
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