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Ова страница је намењена за људе који желе да инвестирају у Србију.
Инвестирање у Српску привреду, туризам,индустрију, производњу здраве хране, младе људе добијате много уз веома мала улагања.
Овде можете наћи пројекте којима су потребне инвестиције.

Добро дошли у земљу Николе Тесле,спорта, трубе, шљивовице ракије,фестивала, и добрих људи који живе у њој.

Саша Михајловић


This site is intended for people who want to invest in Serbia.
Investing in the Serbian economy, tourism, industry, health food, you get a lot of young people with a very small investment.
Here you can find projects that need investment.

Welcome to the land of Nikola Tesla, sports, trumpets, plum brandy, festivals, and the good people who live in it.

Sasa Mihajlovic

Kupovina lokacija za hidroelektrane

Dragi moji,

Za naše investitore iz Češke potrebno je 15 lokacija za hidroelektrane.

Postoji mogućnost o saradnji ili strateškom partnerstvu.

Potrebno je da su lokacije 1/1 u vlasništvu i sa nekim dozvolama , ne moraju da imaju sve dozvole.

Info na :


Invest in Serbia-Tropical Themes Park


Have U ever been in Serbia?

Have U ever invested in Serbia?

Ladies and gentleman, we have the biggest project Tropical Themes Park in Europe, our location is Belgrade, Serbia.

Value of this project is 550.000.000 eura.

We have locations and project documentations.

We are looking business partners,investment , shareholders and funds.

If U want to be part of this project , free contact :


Final masterplan 161116 (1) copy.jpg


Farm „Coka“- Invest in Serbia

Meat Industry „Coka“ from Coka has been existed since 1934. and main business is the production and processing of meat and meat products under the brand „Coka“, freezing and cooling of meat and intensive cattle husbandry.
– Production and processing of raw meat and meat products from cattle, sheep, poultry,venison, and fish under the brand „Coka“, where all kinds of pates in aluminum foil,aluminum tube are produced in the canning department, and also canned meat and slices in cans and aluminum foil and cooked meals in a can.
– Products include: Luncheon (meat, beef, chicken, turkey, goose etc.), pate (liver, beef,turkey, vegetable, pate in a tube and etc.), ready canned meals/dinners (beef stew, chicken stew, beef with vegetables, etc.).
– The factory covers the area of approximately 80,000 m2 with production halls for meat production and processing, cut-opening section, department for semi-permanent and smoked goods, canning department, beef slaughterhouses, warehouse facilities, deep-freezing storage, with a capacity of 5,000 tons, and equipment – machines that are installed in factories, administrative buildings, garages, etc.

– Production program for 2015 is designed on purchasing of live cattle from the domestic market, using the slaughtering services from a slaughterhouse which has export license to the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan).
– Any surplus in the production of fresh meat would be a stock in our freezing storage as a safety stock at work,but after 6 months, we plan supplying with raw meat, from our own farm, and also from service feeding, besides the purchase of raw materials.
– By the beginning of the cut-opening section we would have the highest quality of raw materials for production in canning, semi-permanent and smoked products department, because the necessary raw material received from the processing of pork and beef halfs, and the rest would be the best fresh meat for resale.
– Based on the above investment firm can achieve a tax credit of 20% of the total Investment, and also subventions for Greenfield and Brownfield investments of the Republic of Serbia and subventions of up to 7,000 euros per new employee.
Licences and Certificates
• ISO 22000: 2005 no. Certificate 243 H, • ISO 14001: 2005 no. Certificate 2075 M
• ISO 9001: 2008 no. Certificate 4624 C, • HACCP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM no. Certificate 478 H
• Certificate HALAL, • Export permits for non-EU countries and the USA – export number 20525ASSETS

1. Freezing storage in Coka consists of:
• Deep freezing storage with the capacity of 5,000 tons on temperature regime of – 20 degrees /Celsius scale,
• Tunnel of deep freezing with capacity of 100 tons / 24 h on standby – 40 degrees/Celsius scale
• Compressor and power stations, the economic part – offices, workshops and garages.
Area with freesing storages and ancillary facilities is approximately 5,496 m2, and land area is approximately 22,025 m2, and in continuation of the plot with refrigerators is an additional 6,510 m2 of land.
2. Brand and recipes date back since 1934. when the Factory „Coka“ became the first industrial slaughterhouse
Stamp – brand „Coka“, as well as the original recepies are registered and protected with:
• REPUBLIC OF SERBIA, Intellectual Property Office, Belgrade, and
3. There is existing installed equipment for the canning department, semi-smoked and uploads the goods, beef slaughterhouses and cut-opening section, boiler, energy, cloakroom, kitchen, administration, small items, tools
4. Farm in Jazovo covers an area of 7ha93a12m2 and consists of 24 objects, with the surface of 6.467m2.
5. Farm in Velebit (Kanjiza Municipality) extends to 19ha99a92m2 and consists of 4,032 m2 of facilities for cattle holding with sheds.PRODUCTION CAPACITY
1. Canning department: • Daily (8 h) = 82,000 pcs, Monthly production (8 hx 22 days) 1,804,000 pcs
• Annual (8 hx 22 days x 12 months) — 21,648,000 pcs
2. Deep freezing storage: • Cooling and storage —- 5,000 tons (- 20 degrees Celsius) • Freeze —– 100 tons / 24h (- 40 degrees Celsius)
3. Sami-permanent section: • Daily production (8 h) — 20 tons • Monthly production (8 hx 22 day)– 440 tons
• Annual production (8 hx 22 days x 12 months) ——- 5,280 tons
4. Smoked products: • Daily production (8 h) —– 10 tons • Monthly production (8 hx 22 days) —– 220 tons
• Annual production (8 hx 22 days x 12 months) —————— 2,640 tons
5. Cut-opening section: • Daily production (8 h) —— 175 tons • Monthly production (8 hx 22 days)—— 3,850
tons • Annual production (8 hx 22 days x 12 months) —————- 46,200 tons
6. Cattle slaughtering line: • Daily production (8 h) –50 pcs • Monthly production (8 hx 22 days) — 1,100 pcs •
Annual production (8 hx 22 days x 12 months) —————– 13.200 pcsCAPACITY OF LIVESTOCK
1. First farm in Jazovo covers an area of 7ha93a12m2 and consists of 24 objects, with the surface of 6.467m2. The farm is fenced, it has three entrances and a complete infrastructure (water, electricity). There are food mixer on the farm, with the capacity of 1 t per each mixing, weighbridge 60 tons, it has it’s own
water well, and now at the farm are located about 500 sheep – Württemberg race.
– There is capacity to handle 7,000 sheep which could produce around 10,000 lamb every year along with production there is also capacity to handle 3,000 goats which could produce 6,000 goats per year.
Alternatively there is capacity to handle 165,000 chicken in 6 rounds which is approximately 1,000,000 per year. Considering the location and position of the farm, the existing infrastructure, the farm can make about 10 new buildings of the approximately 2,500 m2 – 3,000 m2

Second farm in Velebit (Kanjiza Municipality) extends to 19ha99a92m2 and consists of 4,032 m2 of facilities for cattle holding with sheds. The farm is away from the road 2.800 m and is surrounded by the channels through which water flows from the river Tisa and continues further to Palic Lake.
– There is capacity to handle 2,000 dairy cows
– Alternatively there is capacity to handle 420,000 live goose per year on thus farm.

Download presentation : Farm “COKA“.pptx

For more details and information : or + 381 65 33 211 77

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Investirajte u Belu Crkvu-Invest in Bela Crkva, Serbia

                 Proizvodna hala nalazi se na površini od 3000 metara kvadratnih od čega 2500 kvadrata je

                 proizvodni prostor a u ostalih 500 kv Nalazi se izložbeni salon, svlačionica  ,muški i ženski toalet sa 12  

                mokrih čvorova ,u ostalom delu nalaze se Kancelarije .

                 Prednji deo zgrade izradjen je u aluminijumskoj stolariji zidovi su od posebnog izolacionog materijala

                 a zgrada poseduje duplo izradjeni krov , tako da sa svim svojim karakteristikama   u jednoj grejnoj sezoni 

                 rada jedne smene potrošnja Mazuta iznosi 7 tona  što čini veliku uštedu u troškovima jedne proizvodnje.

                  Zgrada poseduje 4 razvodna ormana sa kojih se granaju instalacije jakih potrošača i do sto kilovata.

                  Objekat poseduje sopstvenu trafo stanicu  od 630KV ,koja se nalazi kao izdvojeni objekat.

                  Objekat sadrži hidrantsku mrežu unutar objekta  a sa spoljne strane  oko cele  zgrade nalazi se hidrantska protiv

                  Požarna mreža. Pored ovoga postoji centrala javljača požara. Zgrada poseduje 12 mokrih čvorova koji su namenjeni

                  Za radnike i na spratu ima hol sa muškim i ženskim toaletom, koji su opremljeni po evropskom standardu, tako da se

                  podrazumeva da je zgrada poseduje kanalizacionu mrežu.

                  Zgrada poseduje sopstvenu plinsku stanicu sa cisternom od 5000 kubika i potrebnom pratećom opremom.

                  U samoj zgradi nalazi se Mazutna stanica od 2 mega vata i cisternom od 30.000 litara, ceo objekat je pokriven

                  Kaoliferima  a nus prostorije sa radijatorima . Kancelarije imaju klima uredjaje – 3 klime.

                  Ulazni hol je uradjen od granitne keramike, pod u proizvodnoj hali je izradjen od brušenog betona i poliran, 

                  a u kancelarijama je laminat.         

                  Zgrada poseduje dve telefonske linije, koje su prikljucene na centralni sistem, na koju je prikljucena i inernet 

                  Treba naglasiti da u zadnjem delu objekta nalaze se cetiri ulazne kapije sa rampom za sleperski utovar i istovar robe.

                  Kancelarije su opremljene sa kancelarijskim namestajem, koji bi ostao na koriscenje zakupcu.

                  Od pomocnih objekata postoje portirnica, kompresorska stanica kapaciteta 2.000 litara, dve garaze, carinski

                  Magacin i pomocni magacin. Ukupna površina objekata bez pomoćnog magacina iznosi 150 m2 a sam pomoćni

                  Magacin ima površinu od 200 m2.

                  Objekat je 100 % u privatnom vlasnistvu.

                  Od pomocnih objekata postoje portirnica, kompresorska stanica kapaciteta 2.000 litara, dve garaze, carinski

                  Magacin i pomocni magacin. Ukupna površina objekata bez pomoćnog magacina iznosi 150 m2 a sam pomoćni

                  Magacin ima površinu od 200 m2.


                  Objekat je 100 % u privatnom vlasnistvu.

                  U gore navedenim karakteristikama objekat je odmah useljiv i speman za upotrebu, bez ikakvih ulaganja.


                  Objekat se nalazi pored glavnog magistralnog puta na ulazu u naseljeno mesto.

                  U prednjem delu zgrade nalazi se parking prostor povrsine 1.300m2 i odvojeni prostor za bicikle i motocikle.

                  Uz sam objekat nalazi se put prolaz teretnih i sleperskih vozila., a iza same zgrade nalazi se povrsina za

                  manipulaciju navedenih vozila.

                  Ceo objekat je ogradjen, dok je unutrasnjost zgrade pokrivena alamnim sistemom.


                  Ispred zgrade postoji uredjena zelena povrsina sa drvecem i fontanom.    

                  Na linku ispod pogledajte o Beloj Crkvi

                               O Beloj Crkvi.doc

                 Nasi kontakt telefoni :     013/852-184 i 060/0852-186

                     Za sva pitanja stojim Vam na raspolaganju .                        

                 Srdacan pozdrav Dragana Stamenkovic  




Invest in Bela Crkva, Serbia

The production hall is located on an area of ​​3000 square meters of which 2500 square meters is
production area in the remaining 500 kV is the showroom , locker rooms , male and female toilet with 12th toilets, the rest of the offices are located .
The front of the building is crafted in aluminum joinery walls are made of special insulation material
The building has a double roof drafted , so with all the characteristics of a heating season

work one shift fuel oil consumption is 7 tons which makes a huge cost savings for a single production.
The building has four cubicles from which branch the installation of strong consumer -hundred kilowatts.

The building has its own substation of 630kVA , which is a separate object .
The building contains a hydrant system within the building and the outside around the entire building is a bracket against fire Network . In addition there is a central fire alarm . The building has 12 toilets that are designed for workers on the floor of a hallway with male and female toilets , which are equipped by European standards, so . It is understood that the building has a sewer network .
The building has its own gas station with a tank of 5,000 cubic meters and the necessary accessories.

The building is situated firmly fuel cells from two mega watts and a tank of 30,000 liters , the entire facility is covered with  kaloliferi  and other rooms with radiators.
Offices have air conditioning – 3 climate.
The entrance hall is done by granite tiles , under the production hall is made of brushed and polished concrete ,

and at the offices of the laminate.
The building has two phone lines, which are connected to the central system , to which it is connected and internet connection .
It should be noted that in the back of the building there are four entrance gates with ramp and truck loading and unloading.

The offices are equipped with office furniture, which would remain in use to the lessee .
Of the other facilities are concierge, compressor station capacity of 2,000 liters , two garages, a customs

Warehouse and extra storage. The total area of ​​buildings with no extra stock is 150 m2 ‘m extra

Warehouse has a surface area of 200 m2 .
The building is privately owned 100 %
Of the other facilities are concierge, compressor station capacity of 2,000 liters , two garages, a customs

Warehouse and extra storage. The total area of ​​buildings with no extra stock is 150 m2 ‘m extra

Warehouse has a surface area of 200 m2 .
In the above characteristics of the buildings is furnished and ready for use without any investment.
The building is located next to the main road at the entrance to town .

In front of the building there is a parking area of ​​1.300m2 and a separate area for bicycles and motorcycles .
Next to the building there is a passage of freight and truck vehicles . , And behind the building there is a surface

Manipulation of the above vehicles .
The whole building is enclosed , and the interior of the building is covered alanine system .

In front of the building there are small green area with trees and a fountain .


1 (2) 1 3 4 DSC_5499 DSC_5502 DSC_5504 DSC_5507 DSC_5509 DSC_5511 DSC_5513 DSC_5516 DSC_5519 DSC_5520 DSC_5522 DSC_9327 DSC_9328 DSC_9330 DSC_9331 DSC_9333 DSC_9334 DSC_9335 DSC_9336 DSC_9337 DSC_9338 DSC_9339 DSC_9340 DSC_9341 DSC_9342


Mlekara Alfa Properties trazi investiciju za Sjenicki brend- Dairy Alfa Properties looking investment for SJENIČKI brand


Dragi moji

Ovo Vam je najperspektivniji biznis plan na Balkanu iz oblasti proizvodnje organske hrane .

Sjenicki brand mleko i sir traze investitore

Molim Vas pogledajte detalje na linku ispod

Copy of P O S L O V N I P L A N.doc 1





















Dear friends

This allows the most promising business plan in the Balkans in the field of organic food.

SJENIČKi brand milk and cheese are seeking investors

Please see the details at the link below


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