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Ова страница је намењена за људе који желе да инвестирају у Србију.
Инвестирање у Српску привреду, туризам,индустрију, производњу здраве хране, младе људе добијате много уз веома мала улагања.
Овде можете наћи пројекте којима су потребне инвестиције.

Добро дошли у земљу Николе Тесле,спорта, трубе, шљивовице ракије,фестивала, и добрих људи који живе у њој.

Саша Михајловић


This site is intended for people who want to invest in Serbia.
Investing in the Serbian economy, tourism, industry, health food, you get a lot of young people with a very small investment.
Here you can find projects that need investment.

Welcome to the land of Nikola Tesla, sports, trumpets, plum brandy, festivals, and the good people who live in it.

Sasa Mihajlovic

Invest in Zivkovci

Invest in Zivkovci

Excellent property of 11ha, in Živkovci, a beautiful village at the foot of Rudnik with beautiful nature.
The house of 144 square meters is new with PVC carpentry, laminate, bathroom with new tiles and sanitary facilities.
On 5ha planted fruits namely cherry, apricot (in kind), peach, two excellent springs so that it has the possibility of making a pool lake to combine beautifully and usefully.
The land is maintained and there is a part of the forest of 1.3 ha of untouched beech oak acacia…
Foundations for a smaller house and outbuildings! It’s worth a look because with a beautiful view and a well-kept property, I repeat, we combine work and pleasure!!!

Info : +381 65 33 211 77 or

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Invest in Ulti Coin Project

Invest in Ulti Coin Project


ULTI COIN is a cryptocurrency intended for the gaming industry. Each game has in-game currency (swords, gold, etc.) as a reward for advanced levels in the game that players cannot cash out.
But with our platform it is possible to convert in-game currencies into paper money through our cryptocurrency (ULTI COIN). Our cryptocurrency uses the Etherium blockchain (ETHEREUM is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) and that’s why the leaders of the Etherium board required us to raise 2.16 million dollars to make our project worthwhile and to go on the exchange. We created the platform in 2019 and now our main focus is on collecting the mentioned sum so that all parties who are part of the project will benefit from it (investors, owners of video games who have implemented their games on our platform, players and us as a company).
So far, we have collected about 1,250,000 dollars through crowdfunding plus private investments, which means that we need about 900,000 dollars more to go on the crypto exchange. We have pre-contracts or letters of intent with 20 games (through those 20 games we have over 4 million active players). The number of players is important because our main income is through them; because when players play a game through our platform we in turn use their unused hardware (1-3%) to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies at that moment. For example: our platform mines about 0.9$ per month per player, which brings us to a figure between 3-5 million dollars of our monthly turnover if we were to raise funds and go on a crypto exchange right now.

As for investors, there are 3 benefits for them:

  1. The first benefit is when it goes on the exchange, the investor can sell his coins and the earnings are doubled, because the investor gets his coins in the presale phase for $0.12 (50% discount) and on the exchange the initial price will be 0.24
  2. Another benefit is for investors with a larger capital (an investor who invests $300,000 or more negotiates with the main people of our company about the percentage of company ownership), that is, an investor who provides the remaining amount (about $900,000) can get 20% of the company’s ownership.
    $300,000 – 5% of the company

$400,000 – 7.5% of the company

$700,000 – 15% of the company

$900,000 (the remaining amount needed for the stock market/exchange) – 20% of the company

$2,000,000 – 49% of the company

  1. The third benefit is from almost. Since we’ve had ongoing negotiations with people who have the money to cover the full amount we’re missing (currently around $900,000), we’re offering them the option of 90% ownership of the company until we pay them back all of that have invested, and when we return that amount to them, we as a company return the majority ownership, and they certainly retain a certain percentage of the ownership of the company.

Regarding the consulting part: to each of our consultants who find investors for our project, we can give up to 20% commission from the amount that the investor invests in our Ulti coin, and this is defined by the contract on consulting services.
Purchases of Ulti Coin can be made via: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Pay Pal.

The Smart contract defines that investors will be refunded the amount they invested if the remaining amount for the stock market/exchange is not collected.

Info : and + 381 65 33 211 77 Sale

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Invest in organic food production

Invest in organic food production

Do you want to produce organic food?

Half an hour’s drive from Belgrade, 15 minutes from Nikola Tesla airport, there is 5 hectares of land in the village of Ašanja, municipality of Pećinci.
The land is arable, covered by a drip system, it has wells, water, a refrigerator and auxiliary facilities.
The refrigerator has a capacity of 50 cubic meters, it can be extended and deep freezing can be set.

Due to the owner moving to Russia, the property is being sold with all facilities, anti-hail systems, irrigation and other equipment.

Info: +381 65 33 211 77 Sale

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7 Reasons to form a Serbian Company

7 Reasons to form a Serbian Company

  1. Company & Bank account in just 5 days.
  2. Low maintenance costs from 100 EUR/month
  3. Ideal for international trading and international business optimization
  4. Non-residents can be owners and directors
  5. Low risk and the most accepted structure for the banks
  6. Completely REMOTE procedure
  7. Moderate taxation 15% & more than 64 avoidance of double taxation agreements.

Before starting a business, the investors must be aware of the types of companies they can open in Serbia.
Just like in any other European country, the investors who want to start a company in Serbia may choose any suitable form of business they want.
There are the limited liability companies – private (d.o.o.) or public (a.d.) – and partnerships – general (o.d.) or limited (k.d.).
The Serbian Business Registers Agency operates as a single, centralized and public electronic database.

It contains relevant information about all aspects related to doing business in Serbia, like the ones about:

  • companies;
  • entrepreneurs (sole traders);
  • financial leasing contracts;
  • pledges;
  • associations operating within the country;
  • foreign associations;
  • representative offices of foreign endowments and foundations;
  • information about construction permits;
  • sporting associations, business companies, and sports federations;
    • chambers of commerce;
    • temporary restrictions on rights of entities;
  • bankruptcy estates;
  • bidders and injunctions.

For more info; +381 88 777 38 Bojan

Welcome to Serbia.

Saša Mihajlović
Founder of ““
+381 65 33 21 177
Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

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Kupovina lokacija za hidroelektrane

Dragi moji,

Za naše investitore iz Češke potrebno je 15 lokacija za hidroelektrane.

Postoji mogućnost o saradnji ili strateškom partnerstvu.

Potrebno je da su lokacije 1/1 u vlasništvu i sa nekim dozvolama , ne moraju da imaju sve dozvole.

Info na :

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